Latest Updates on Yemen, 3 May 2019

Saturday, 4 May 2019 - 11:26

Latest news on Ansar Allah operation in Dhale and latest news from Hajjah, Saadah, Taiz and Hudaydah frontlines

1. Dhale:
– Yemeni Armed Forces Spokesperson: More than 1500 km2 of the province are liberated in the recent operation by Ansar Allah and Popular Committees.
– According to last information, the engagement are near Qatabah at the moment.


2. Saadah:
– Reclaiming 12 areas in west of Majazah by Ansar Allah and Popular Committees
– AnsarAllah’s operation in Sudays heights (Najran border) against Saudi Coalition forces resulted in the Coalition retreat from the area.


3. Hajjah:
– Ansar Allah’s drone-artillery joint operation in attacking Saudi Coalition gathering location in east of Nar mountain and Satlah area at Jizan border.
– Ansar Allah freed 80 prisoners of Hajur intrigue.


4. Taiz:
– According to Yemeni Armed Forces Spokesperson, Ansar Allah could reclaim villages and points in mount Radh’ah (Aqrouz front), Muqbana heights and mount Habashi.
– Abu Abbas brigade blocked the Taiz-Aden road again and blocked cars commuting.


5. Al Hudaydah:
– Yemeni Armed Forces Spokesperson: 3602 times ceasefire is violated in April. The Coalition violated the ceasefire 19924 in April.
– People of al Hudaydah province protested against violation of Sweden Agreement by Saudi Coalition and international organizations not helping regions under control by Ansar Allah in coastal strip. Images showing this news.

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