Latest Updates on Yemen, 18 June 2019

Tuesday, 18 June 2019 - 21:00

Latest News From North and South of Yemen and Ansar Allah’s Advances in Majazah

1. Yemeni Armed Forces spokesperson:
– Qasef K2 operation today morning against Abha Airport hit runway.
– In retaliation to Yemen’s siege by enemies, Abha Airport, Jizan and Najran are not safe and will be attacked constantly.
– Saudi Coalition uses these airports for military operation against Yemen.
– We demand civilians and companies to be away from these airports.
2. Saahda:
– Saudi Coalition’s attack repelled in Sudays front and Marba Shabaka.
– Ansar Allah cleared Barakin, Siyaf and Trabil heights in Majazah front from Saudi Coalition. In this operation, 2 armored vehicles and 2 tanks were destroyed and 53 forces were killed and wounded.
– Saudi Coalition’s vast operation in Ajasher desert after 14 hours engagement with Ansar Allah was repelled. In these engagements, 8 armored vehicles, 5 commanders of a battalion and tens of the Coalition’s forces were killed and wounded.
3. Shabwa:
– Mansoor Hadi’s forces engaging with Nukhbat al Shabwaniya forces (supported by Emirates) to control southern oil wells of Yemen. UAE has most of Shabwa province and many explosions and engagements occurred over exploiting oil reservoirs in Shabwa .
4. Al Hudaydah:
– Ansar Allah engaging with Saudi Coalition’s forces in coastal strip of Zubaid and Tuhayta districts.
– Bombing eastern parts of al Hudaydah and Durayhimi towns, villages Al Koei and Shajan by Saudi artillery.

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