Latest Updates on Yemen, 26 July 2019

Saturday, 27 July 2019 - 08:34

Latest news form Yemen’s frontlines

1. Ansar Allah’s Qasif K2 drones attacking Saudi Coalition’s fighters in Abha airport.
Yemeni Armed Forces spokesperson stated that the attacks hit hangars of Saudi warplanes and interfered the flights of Abha airport but Saudi Coalition reported to destroy the drones over Asir airspace before reaching there.
2. Hajjah:
– Shooting down a spy drone of Saudi Coalition near Tuwwal passage.
– Bombing Saudi Coalition positions in north of Ahem triangle and Midi desert by Ansar Allah.
3. Aden:
Saudi Coalition deployed many equipment to build 2 bases in Arish and Salah al Din areas, east and west of Aden.
4. Abyan:
Several brigades were deployed to Abyan by Saudi Coalition. These movements are due to Emirati forces retreat from frontlines with Ansar Allah.
5. Dhale:
Ansar Allah engaging with Saudi Coalition forces in north of Moris and near Al Nasah heights.
6. Al Hudaydah:
Saudi Coalition forces attacked Kilo16, Hudaydah airport, Fazah area, Beit al Faqih and Tuhayta by mortars and high caliber guns.

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