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Sunday 9 May 21 - 00:13

Latest Updates on Yemen, 8 May 2021

ISWNews Analysis Group: Clashes between Ansar Allah and Saudi-led forces continued west of the city of Marib sporadically and without a change in the field map.

Wednesday 28 April 21 - 21:06

Yemen: Missile attacks on Marib

ISWNews Analysis Group: On April 28, Ansar Allah missile units attacked the Saudi coalition Sahn al-Jinn military base in north of Marib city with two missiles.

Monday 26 April 21 - 23:43

Video: CNN upside down report on battle of Marib!

In this report, the CNN reporter went to Yemen and the battlefield of Marib and prepared a report that is miles away from the field realities! The summary of the report: 1- Houthis (AnsarAllah) attacked Marib.2- Houthis (AnsarAllah) constantly threat civilians by rockets and missiles.3- The army (Mansour Hadi’s forces) preoccupied and are weakened and […]