Map of Latest Situation in All Fronts in Yemen Western Coast; 9 November 2018

Saturday 10 November 2018 - 07:31

In the map the latest situation of frontlines between AnsarAllah and Saudi Coalition in western coast of Yemen from al Hudaydah to Hays region is reflected.

During Thursday and Friday, AnsarAllah conducted heavy counterattack against Saudi Coalition in southern coast of al Hudaydah and could cut logistic line of Saudi Coalition in these regions.
Continuation of this issue and cut logistic line for Saudi Coalition forces toward al Hudaydah will indeed have a great influence on reducing the intensity of Coalition attacks to al Hudaydah.


As indicated in the map, Saudi Coalition logistic lines in Al Jah and north Fazah regions are cut completely.

Also Tuhayta region is under siege by AnsarAllah forces and Hays region is almost surrounded.


On the other hand inside al Hudaydah there are heavy engagements and AnsarAllah is defending in Nana square(16km), Rabsah neighborhood, around coastal guard base, around Saleh housing and July 7 neighborhood.

Yemen Western Coast Military Situation | Click to see the full-size image


Saudi Coalition advances has been halted on Friday and considering torn logistic lines in southern coasts and heavy casualties of armored vehicles of Saudi Coalition, if AnsarAllah resists longer, it is possible that the battle continues in favor of AnsarAllah.

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