Latest Updates on Yemen 24 December 2018; Saudi Coalition Airstrikes Undermine Ceasefire

Tuesday, 25 December 2018 - 11:12

Latest news from Yemeni fronts; Ceasefire is started while Saudi Coalition airstrikes are taking place in various areas of Yemen, especially Al Hudaydah.

1- Spokesman for Yemeni Armed Forces:

– Saudi Coalition has violated 17 times the ceasefire agreement in Al Hudaydah.(despite the presence of UN representatives)

– Saudi Coalition warplanes hit the areas of Baqa’, Baqem, Najran borders, etc., 24 times.


2- Sanaa:

– Joint artillery and UAV operation by Ansar Allah at gathering of Saudi-led forces in Nihm front, northeast of Sanaa.

– Clashes ongoing in vicinity of Al Qarn mount.


3- Jawf:

Ansar Allah operation in Al Motun district, 18 Saudi-led Coalition forces were killed.


4- Saadah:

Clashes continue in Baqem front and Najran border. The Ansar Allah snipers with advantage of rough terrains have slowed down the Coalition advances in this front.


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