Latest Updates on Yemen 10 June 2019
Map, Middle East, News, Yemen 11 June 2019

Resignation of Khalid Al Yamani and the intensification of the clashes in north of Saadah and Hajjah

1- Hajjah:

Saudi Coalition media claimed that its forces advances in the western areas of Hayran. On the other hand Ansar Allah claimed that Saudi-led forces attacks in Midi desert were repelled.
2- Saadah:

Heavy clashes were reported in west of Sudays, Qamamah mountain and east of Dud mountain.

Also clashes continue in Mahashimah area and Ajasher desert.
3- Khalid Al Yamani , Foreign Minister of Mansour Hadi resigned.

Khalid Al Yamani was in charge of negotiations with Ansar Allah in Sweden.
4- Dhale:

Ansar Allah repelled Saudi-led forces attacks in west of Qatabah.

Ansar Allah targeted Sadrayn military base with Zilzal-1 missile.
5- Baydha:

Ansar Allah targeted Saudi Coalition positions in Makiras and Zaher districts with artillery.
6- Hudaydah:

Ceasefire violation in Al Hudaydah.

Saudi-led forces shelled Kilo16, Zaafaran and Mahal al Sheikh with 29 mortar shells.


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