Latest Updates on Yemen 10 June 2019

Tuesday 11 June 2019 - 19:55

Resignation of Khalid Al Yamani and the intensification of the clashes in north of Saadah and Hajjah

1- Hajjah:

Saudi Coalition media claimed that its forces advances in the western areas of Hayran. On the other hand Ansar Allah claimed that Saudi-led forces attacks in Midi desert were repelled.
2- Saadah:

Heavy clashes were reported in west of Sudays, Qamamah mountain and east of Dud mountain.

Also clashes continue in Mahashimah area and Ajasher desert.
3- Khalid Al Yamani , Foreign Minister of Mansour Hadi resigned.

Khalid Al Yamani was in charge of negotiations with Ansar Allah in Sweden.
4- Dhale:

Ansar Allah repelled Saudi-led forces attacks in west of Qatabah.

Ansar Allah targeted Sadrayn military base with Zilzal-1 missile.
5- Baydha:

Ansar Allah targeted Saudi Coalition positions in Makiras and Zaher districts with artillery.
6- Hudaydah:

Ceasefire violation in Al Hudaydah.

Saudi-led forces shelled Kilo16, Zaafaran and Mahal al Sheikh with 29 mortar shells.

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