Latest Updates on Yemen 24 June 2019

Tuesday, 25 June 2019 - 07:54

Latest news from Yemen’s fronts and drones attacks to Abha and Jizan

1. Ansar Allah’s Qasif K2 drones attack Abha and Jizan airports, south of Saudi Arabia.
Due to this attack, flights departing from Jeddah and Riyadh to these airports were cancelled and according to Saudi Coalition’s media 1 Syrian citizen was killed and 8 others injured at Abha airport.
2. Al Hudaydah:
– Saudi Coalition forces targeted south of Tuhayta and east of al Hudaydah with mortar shells.
– Martyrdom of 1 person in Durayhimi due to lack of medicine.
– Saudi Coalition attack repelled in Jabaliah by Ansar Allah and Popular Committees.
– A three years old child injured due to Saudi Coalition fire in Jabaliah .
3. Shabwah:
– Unknown militants set some oil wells in fire. Recently Mansour Hadi’s forces repelled forces supported by UAE (Nukhbat al Shabwania) trying to take over Shabwah oil reservoirs.
4. Baydha:
– Ansar Allah’s drone-artilery joint operation in hitting Saudi Coalition forces in Qaniyah front.
– Ansar Allah’s operation in Houran front in Qaniyah against Mansour Hadi’s and Saudi Coalition forces. In this operation one Saudi Coalition drone was seized by Ansar Allah.
5. Taiz:
– Saudi Coalition attack repelled in Saleh front by Ansar Allah in the fourth day of Saudi Coalition operation in Taiz.
6. Hajjah:
– Shooting down a spying drone of Saudi Coalition over Marzaq by Ansar Allah.
7. Saadah:
– Shooting down a spying drone of Saudi Coalition over Sudays area by Ansar Allah.

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