Monthly Report on Yemen’s Developments, 24 April 2019 – Number 9 | Latest Updates on Yemen War + Maps

Thursday 25 April 2019 - 07:22

In the last month fronts in Yemen were active but no significant change was observed in the trend of the war and lack of supremacy cause the war to be attritional and in despite of Saudi Coalition collaborating with Mansoor Hadi and other forces, Ansar Allah has upper hand still.

Monthly Report on Yemen’s Developments, Eighth Article | Latest Updates on Yemen War after Sweden Agreement

Latest Updates on Fronts:
In northern, eastern and western axes there is no significant change; in southern axis Ansar Allah cleared Dhi Naem district from Al Qaeda and ISIS in an operation. Engagements continue in Zaher district.

Sanaa and Jawf:
No change in these fronts, frontline stretches along districts Nihm, Motun and Khab and Shaaf. Ansar Allah cut the Al Hazm-Al Boqa` road by controlling Al Sabrayn and Al Khalifayn areas.

Engagements continue in Baqem, Kitaf and Malahit fronts and according to latest news, Saudi Coalition forces are halted in Wadi Al Abu Jabbara(in Kitaf front), northern part of Baqem and Marran heights.(in Malahit front)

No change in north of Hajjah front near Haradh and after reclaiming southern part of Al Nar mountain and Shabakah mountain by Ansar Allah, there is engagement between Saudi Coalition and Ansar Allah.
In `Ahem triangle and Hayran front, the Coalition proclaims to advance in Abs district until northern part of Soq al Rabou` and south of Midi district until Wadi Habal. News are not confirmed in this case.

Al Hudaydah:
Durayhimi is still under siege by Saudi Coalition forces and the situation of the inhabitants is critical due to it. In despite of the negotiation and Sweden agreement, there are scattered engagements in coastal strip and east and south of al Hudaydah city.

Engagements continue in Taiz fronts between Mansoor Hadi’s forces and Ansar Allah. Also Abu Abbas brigade forces(Anti-Ansar Allah) clashed with Mansour Hadi forces(Islah Party) in Taiz city for several days. Southern routes to Taiz city are still under control by Abu Abbas brigade and the commutes to Taiz are controlled by them.


Ansar Allah’s operation in north of Dhale resulted in clearing heights and regions in south of Haqab and north of Moris and Ansar Allah forces liberated Nasah heights and Al Sadrayn military camp.

Saudi Coalition on the other hand continued its attacks in Al Aoud front (Naderah district) and Hisha district and according to latest information there are heavy engagements in Khashaba, Hamak and Al Aoud regions.(border area between Ibb and Dhale provinces)

Also according to the Yemen armed spokesperson, Al Hisha district was completely cleared of the presence of the Saudi Coalition forces.


Ansar Allah’s operations in the last month, had been more effective and most of the operation lands are controlled by them such as north of Dhale and south of Baydha.
On the other hand, Saudi Coalition’s advances in north of Hajjah and coastal strip of the Red Sea such as al Hudaydah are getting dangerous.
Other issues which question Ansar Allah’s political and military power are rebel of different tribes such as Hajur tribes, political summits such as parliament members summit in Seiyun(under control of Mansoor Hadi) and selecting a parliament head, coup in Sudan, Sudan Army submitting to Saudi Arabia and Emirates which will be clear with more depth in future.


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