Latest Map of Fronts in Syria until 22 February 2020;

Sunday 23 February 20 - 16:54

A report on the latest military changes in Syria in recent months

Northwest of Syria
Syrian army started its great operation “Dawn of Idlib” from 3 May 2019 in northwest of Syria in Idlib and until 30 August 2019 vast and important areas were liberated in southwest of Idlib and northwest of Hama provinces. The operation took four months and ten days and important cities such as Qalaat al-Madiq, Kafr Nabuda, Lataminah, Morek and Khan Sheikhun were reclaimed by Syrian army.

In overall, the operation was performed in two stages; in the first stage north of Hama and some areas in south of Idlib and in the second stage, with advances in depth of Idlib area, almost half of the province and large areas of southwest of Aleppo province were liberated.

The second part of the operation “Dawn of Idlib 2” was started from 19 December 2019. In this part, unlike the first part of the operation, Syrian army was helped by allied forces of resistance axis support. Iranian, Fatemiyounn, Zeinabiyounn, Hezbollah forces and etc. are responsible for the operation in outskirts of Aleppo and Syrian army is also responsible in advances in Idlib axis.
Two months and three days are passed since the incipient of the second part of the operation and an area of 2,000 km2 has been liberated from terrorists.
Other significant achievements of the operation so include liberation and opening of Damascus-Aleppo highway, M5, completely after eight years‌ and liberation of tens of strategic points such as Maarat al-Numan and Saraqib. By liberating western areas of Aleppo from terrorists, this city is free completely after many years of occupation and threats.

At the moment, Syrian army advances are halted in Idlib area and it seems regional talks regarding the resumption of operation or ceasefire to handle terrorists are continuing.
*Liberated areas in Idlib region are shown by black line.

East of Syria
Turkish army started operation “Peace Spring” in northern border of Syria in east of Euphrates between Tal Abiad and Raas al-Ayn against Kurdish forces from 9 October 2019.
This operation, like other Turkish operations in Syrian soil such as “Euphrates Shield” and “Olive Branch”, took place with participation of different militant groups.
During one month and 15 days of this operation, Turkish army could occupy all the areas between Tal Abiad and Raas al-Ayn up to depth of 32 km.
One of the notable things about the Turkish operation in northeast of Syria was that USA pulled back its troops from north of Syria and actually showed green light to Turkey for this operation and left Kurdish forces in east of Euphrates against Turkey.
Therefore, Kurds leaned toward Syrian army and after several years the army stepped in east of Euphrates, took control of strategic areas and erecting joint military posts with Kurds and defended alongside Kurds against the Turks invasion. This prevented further advances of Turkish army inside Syria.
Anyhow, after many talks and disputes between sides and regional powers, an unstable ceasefire was held between sides, according to which Turkey has the control over areas between Tal Abiad and Raas al-Ayn, that were occupied during the operation Peace Spring. Joint Russian-Turkish patrols in these lands along the northern border with Turkey. Another article of the agreement, is the obligation of Kurds to retreat from the Turkish borders with depth 30 km, which has not been fulfilled completely yet. This has given Turkey excuses to continue attacks and bombing against Syrian army and Kurds positions in the area.
At the moment, Turkish operation in this area has been halted since 25 November 2019 and in case of engagement intensify, it can resume.

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