Monthly Report on Yemen’s developments 26 August 2018 – Sixth Article | Front Lines Maps

Monday, 27 August 2018 - 07:01

Investigation of important changes in Yemen battlefield in axes of al Hudaydah, north of Hajjah, Sa’ada and Baydha.

1. Al Hudaydah

Saudi Coalition tried to capture the western coastal strip and broaden it in east. The Joint Operation Commandment of the Saudi Coalition knows that taking over al Hudaydah is not possible without occupying southern and eastern parts of it (including Sanaa-al Hudaydah road Durayhimi, Tuhayta, Jah, Fazzah etc.).

Thus, as explained in article “Discussion on Aspects of the Saudi Coalition Operation in al-Hudaydah“, operation was followed according to predicted map and analysis.

Last month, the Coalition’s heavy attack to south of al Hudaydah was defeated by strong resistance of AnsarAllah(also known as Houthis) and People’s Committees groups and heavy attack to the airport, in despite of vast media support did not achieve anything.


In the last month with new attacks by the Coalition, Tuhayta fell after heavy engagements and town Durayhimi is important in the defense line of south of al Hudaydah, and is under all-aspect attacks by Emirates led forces from 2 August.

At the moment, Durayhimi is almost under siege and if AnsarAllah and People’s Committees resist, Emirates back troops should retreat due to side attacks by AnsarAllah.


In other points, side light attacks are going and regions such as Fazzah, Jabilah and Jah are not fully controlled by either side.


2. Hajjah

In north of Hajjah after fall of Midi, attacks to Hayran and Harad from north and west have started which resulted in fall of Hayran. The goal of operation in this axis is to cut AnsarAllah’s connection to sea and western coasts, as mentioned earlier.

For Saudi Coalition the outcome of the operation in this axis, doing operation in al Hudaydah simultaneously, is to band AnsarAllah’s reach to sea.

Therefore, after occupying Midi and Hayran, Coalition has three moves: 1. to Harad, 2. to Abas and 3. to Lahiyah in coastal strip.

AnsarAllah in their recent attacks in the axis could not get those towns back yet, which we explain why later.


3. Sa’adah

In the same sense as operation in north of Hajjah, Malahit has fallen to the Coalition and they are moving toward heights Marran.

Heights Marran and Hidan until mount Baqem are defense line of Saadah from north. (In an analytical article previously Saadah was mentioned as one of three primary objectives of Saudi Coalition.)

According to latest news, Baqem is under control of Ansarallah.


4. Al Baydha

In this front that Mansoor Hadi and Al Qaeda forces from Coalition and Emirates are more active, there is no significant change and AnsarAllah is defending in northern al Baydha.

In recent days, Mansoor Hadi’s forces under support of the Coalition has started an operation to occupy districts Numan and Malajim from two sides but have not achieved anything yet.


5. Taiz, al Jawf, east of Sanaa and other fronts are as before.

Emirates’ activities in governorates Dhale` and Abyan suggests new deceit against AnsarAllah in future, in case Emirates stays behind closed doors in al Hudaydah, there is a high possibility they open a new front in south to put AnsarAllah under pressure.


P.S. In despite of vast propaganda by media close to Saudi Coalition (and no response from other side’s media), it is noteworthy that AnsarAllah’s movement in Yemen is not omittable. An issue that after Ali Abdullah Saleh’s death many media and analysts mentioned.

AnsarAllah with a strong religious and people’s basis which were created by Martyr Hussayn Badrudin al Houthi, reminds us of Hezbullah which is Moghawemat’s iron fist in the region today.

Indeed AnsarAllah with help of the power of their believes in God and intensifying their roots among people and resistance spirit against aliens and assaulters, not only will keep their lands but also will liberate whole Yemen from occupation of Saudi fake Islamic Coalition, Inshallah.


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